Save the friendship

It is not easy to meet people with similar wavelength, even if you meet few, it takes a while to get close and build the bond of friendship. You may talk to, laugh and eat with a lot of people, but a friend is a person you can confide in, one who knows your hitches and glitches, one who can give you an honest opinion, even if it is opposite to what you want to hear. Once in this fast moving world you have found someone who can truly be called your ‘friend’, you should do everything under your control to not let go off him/her. There are times when you may get hurt by what your friend says or does, sometimes misunderstandings creep up, sometimes you just stay apart to avoid any conflict and remain falsely cordial, sometimes you keep burying resentment within, and sometimes all of them mix up and before you know you have done enough damage to be restored.

Of whatever little I understand of friendship, I say, if you truly consider someone to be your friend, and face such issues with them, be brave enough to confront them and honestly speak about the issues bothering you, believe me soon will you realise that in your brain you multiply things a lot more than they actually are. Today I took that step and restored friendship with one of them, and my heart felt lighter, day brighter and Monday happier, after.


4 thoughts on “Save the friendship

  1. Tanya says:

    Nicee 🙂 apart from the work, monday was lighter indeed!

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